Mayor Eric Hogue of Wylie, Texas: Women Can’t Lead Prayer?

On May 17, 2020, Mayor Eric Hogue of Wylie, Texas, sent an email to city council member Jeff Forrester requesting that only men be selected to lead the opening prayer at the city council meeting. The mayor’s email sparked social media outrage and there is a protest planned during the upcoming city council meeting scheduled for May 26th. This incident with Mayor Hogue highlights important issues for Christians and Christians in America. Does the Bible give Christians permission to discriminate against women? Does the Bible teach that women should be silent in the church? Is prayer before a city council meeting appropriate? Watch this video for a Christian insider’s take on Mayor Hogue’s email and how Christians should respond to this incident.

When Christian Leaders Disappoint or Confuse You

How do you know which Christian teachers you can trust? There are so many different Christian perspectives on topics, it can be confusing to know whose teaching is correct, and who is a false teacher. And what about when a Christian leader disappoints you? We have all heard of scandals involving Christian leaders, and some of us have been personally affected by bad actions of leaders we trusted. This video talks about how we should respond to the confusion and disappointment and how to see Christian leaders in the light of Christ.

Why Did God Let Satan Torment Job?

The book of Job is a brilliant yet often misunderstood writing in the Bible. After reading, people are often left with the question: Why did God let Satan torment Job? Wasn’t that cruel for God to allow Satan to do that? Some readers will walk away judging God, but some readers will learn the lesson that Job and his friends learned: human judgment is full of error because we never have all the information. At the end of the story, Job and his friends decided to leave judgment to the one Being who has all the information. Will you do the same?

What Do Scientists Say About the Origin and Evolution of Life?

Has the theory of evolution been scientifically proven? What about the origin of life? Despite the widespread belief in evolution within the scientific community, scientists who research the topic make honest admissions of how much we really don’t know. We do not know how life originated and we do not know how it developed. The theory of evolution has not been scientifically proven. In fact, there are some major and probably insurmountable problems with the idea that life could originate spontaneously and develop through evolutionary processes. This video discusses what the scientists who are experts in these fields have to say about the origin and development of life.