God Is Inviting You to Be a Superhero

Why do we love superheroes? Is it possible that the reason we love superheroes is because they speak to us about the potential for our own lives? Jesus taught his disciples how to be superheroes. God delights in using ordinary people to do extraordinary things. With God’s power, anyone can become a superhero. And that is what God is inviting you to be!

Our Creator and Our Experiences

My basis for believing in a Creator is NOT based on subjective experiences. I believe in a Creator because it is the only logical conclusion I can come to based on the complex creation I see around me. It is not logical for me to believe that all the complex systems needed for life could come together without an intelligent being.

But who is this Being? That is a harder question to answer. I have come to the conclusion that the God of the Bible is the Creator. I made a video about the reasons I believe the Bible. Here is the link if you are interested:
https://youtu.be/P3adVK7qO3w “My Unscientific Reasons for Believing the Bible”

Now, regarding experiences: I don’t think our experiences with God necessarily confirm that our beliefs about God are all correct. It is possible and probable that I don’t have all the right ideas about God. But I don’t think God waits until all of our ideas are correct before he interacts with us. Who could he have a relationship with if he waited for us to have a perfect image of him? All humans are (in some ways) feeling around in the dark when it comes to truth. Some people have more truth than others. I truly believe that Jesus is the Savior of the world, and the only hope for humanity. But I have Muslim friends who seem to have a lot more truth than some Christians I know. Our ability to receive truth has less to do with our religion, and more to do with our openness to receive from God.

When I say that I can’t deny God because of my experiences, I’m not talking about my foundational belief in a Creator (which is acquired by simple reasoning). I am talking about 20 years of daily having my life touched in a variety of ways. I’m touched by the words of the Bible, I’m constantly enamored with the perfection of God’s plan of salvation. And though subjective, I’ve had hundreds of experiences of God’s presence. I’ve seen many people instantly healed of things. I’ve seen a broken bone healed in 30 seconds. I am daily talking with God and being in relationship with him. All of these experiences COULD be explained away. Group thinking and our imagination are powerful forces indeed. But if I dismiss all these experiences as group thinking or imagination, and I start from scratch trying to understand the universe, I still have to explain my existence. The only worldview that makes any sense to me is the one I have. I don’t have all the answers. I can’t explain why God seems to be deeply involved in my life while people in Yemen are in dire straits. But I can’t get around the fact of God’s existence. And I can’t come up with a better plan to fix the world than the one that the Bible describes.

Where Is the God of Miracles Today?

The Bible is full of miracles. Some people wonder why they aren’t seeing God do miracles today. Just because you haven’t seen a miracle doesn’t mean God isn’t doing miracles today. God is doing miracles today. This video discusses some possible reasons you may not have seen a miracle, and what our attitude toward miracles should be.

Not included in the video, but relevant to the subject, is a calculation I did regarding miracles. In the video I mention that I believe God will do more miracles in the next 24 hours than all the miracles mentioned in the Bible. Starting with an approximate number of miracles mentioned in the Bible at 160, I calculated how many miracles that would be during the span of an average lifetime of 80 years. 160 miracles per day for 80 years = 4,672,000 miracles during a human lifetime of 80 years. Dividing the approximate number of people on earth (7.5 billion) by this number gives us one miracle for every 1,605 people. So if God is doing 160 miracles per day, only one person out of 1,605 is going to experience a miracle in their lifetime. This may help a skeptic understand why they have personally not seen a miracle even though God is doing many miracles all the time.